At Enliven Coaching we promise not one of our sessions will ever be the same.

That's what you can expect at Enliven.

Functional Strength

A class designed to build strength, burn body fat and build lean muscle. Every session is different, focusing on a full body movements to leave you burning calories for the whole day. This class is tailored to each person's individual needs ranging from beginner to advanced. Focusing on building the foundations of lifting weights.


A slower class with heavier lifts and more rest between sets. These classes focus on the fundamental lifts and help improve full body strength.


A high-intensity class with body weight movements, lighter weights and mixed with machine conditioning.

MMA Cardio

This class is an MMA (mixed martial arts) inspired cardio with fight scenario drills, combinations and pad work. This class is mostly done with a partner and a kicking pad. A great class to release some stress and feel like a real fighter without stepping into the ring.


Flatline is our most challenging class on or timetable. This workout is done with a small group or pairs and inspired by crossfit - with a twist. One of our most successful classes that are the ultimate fitness test mentally and both physically.

Friday Night Lights

Our celebration class heading into the weekend. A mixed session from all of our other classes that's different every week. We encourage our clients to bring family, friends, and partner to this class to end the week on a high.

Black Out Saturdays

An hour long session, inspired by Turf games and great to get the competitive juices flowing. This class is run in teams to keep you accountable all the way through.

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