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Highly reputable and experienced within Australia’s fitness community, Jazza Roberts has brought his experience in training professional athletes to Enliven Coaching, and is going to take your workouts to new intensities. With a background in elite level Rugby League and Union, he specialises in speed, agility and power and knows how to train leading athletes to their peak performances. His impressive portfolio of successful sportspeople includes the likes of Australian soccer star Tim Cahill, Rugby League legend and NFL star Jarryd Hayne, Rugby League star and brother Ben Roberts and a long list of other highly reputable athletes.

With a gentle understanding yet effective approach, Jazza Roberts has the tools to transform and show anyone their way to fitness goals.




Becky has always had an insatiable appetite for sports and fitness, trying her hand at all different sports during her childhood but truly falling in love with boxing. After six years of training in the industry, Becky was given invaluable opportunities to train with industry professionals and Olympic medalists in the sport, providing her with their successful techniques of mindset and motivation. Becky soon found herself competing as an amateur fighter around Australia, eventually taking out bronze in the Australian amateur boxing titles at the age of 19. Passionate about martial arts, Becky began training in Brazilian Ju Jitsu and soon began another love affair. She began competing in 2014, where she won bronze at her first tournament at the Triple Blue BJJ Open in New South Wales.

With training in Ju Jitsu, Boxing, Muay Thai and other elements of MMA under her belt, combined with her passions of motivational and mental self-development, Becky curated her vision of Enliven Coaching and made it come to life.

Becky has studied Life Style Coaching, Neuro Linguistic Programming and Hypnotherapy and it was through these studies that Becky has come to known fitness and health as a combination of mentality and physical development, where incorporating mindful techniques when striving for health and fitness goals will see your success come sooner and last longer.

Becky truly believes that a new era of health and fitness is unfolding where mindset is more powerful than ever and men and women that can harness it are destined for greatness.


Ben Crerar


I started my internship with Enliven in 2018 while studying my final year of a bachelor of health and movement at the Australian College of Physical Education.

Exercise and movement have always been a huge part of my life and when I’m not studying or in the gym, I’m playing rugby for the Manly Marlins and rugby 7s for the NSW Waratahs team. I started training in the gym for rugby at the age of 14 and have gained great knowledge on not only how to train as an athlete but also how to train for general health and fitness.

I have also undergone education on nutrition for all kinds of goals, from athletes to people trying to lose weight/body fat and those looking to gain muscle. I love passing on my knowledge to anybody looking to clean up their diet and achieve real results in their health and fitness.

Strength and weights training
Training and coaching at Enliven

Touch footy
Spending time with friends and family

My current goals:
To keep improving on my own personal health and fitness goals.

To play professional rugby.

To continue to become more educated in the health and fitness industry.

To help in growing Enliven Coaching to be one of the best gyms with the best culture you could possibly find.


Margot Fenwicke


Exercise and sport have always been a part of my life.
Growing up I tried my hand at any sport with a ball, I played them all and ultimately it was team sports that held my attention. The comradery and learning to work together is what I thrived on. Being a part of something bigger than just yourself.

I played rep softball, waterpolo and netball however netball was my passion.

When physical injury took me out of the game for good it as my mental health that took the biggest hit.

After a few wayward years I found a love of the gym, outdoor workouts and especially boxing/kick boxing.
Using exercise as my outlet I began to see personally the huge link between mental and physical health. When one aspect of my health suffers, so too does the other.

This relationship has opened my eyes and my desire to empower everybody regarding the link between the two and helping people achieve their health & fitness goals.


Kelly Bone


Training has played an important part of my life for the past 15 years. I have always loved how it makes me feel and the bonds you create with like minded people within that space.

My main inspiration for becoming a coach is experiencing the benefits exercise has on people’s mental health and confidence. Since the most effective training programme is one that you will stick to, learning how to enjoy exercise is key. I can help with that.

I am looking forward to coach people who are in need of direction within their training and want to work hard together to achieve their goals. I specialise is lower body sculpt and strength training as well as developing client technique to improve confidence within themselves.