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“Loving the variety of sessions available on the portal which is available to us anytime of the day!! It’s very user friendly which is amazing! The live sessions twice a day are tough and keep you accountable they’re also great to reconnect with the enliven fam which were all missing!”

~ Joe

“Previously I have been very dependent on my gym and the community that came with it, so losing the tangibility of that was very confronting for me. This was until Enliven coaching adapted an online platform for its members to remain in contact, and continue training throughout isolation with live sessions and unlimited access to workout programs. This platform has bought accountability, motivation, support and structure to my life during this time, allowing me to maintain my fitness whilst staying in contact with my gym pals and trainers”

~ Rach

“Enliven’s new online program and training has been one of the best thing to come out of COVID-19! The daily zoom sessions and portal have honestly been the best at keeping my fitness levels up but also great for my mental health too! Love being able to stay connected to the EC family during this crazy time and so grateful for their commitment to their clients!”

~ Bianca

“Since having to go into isolation without a gym, enliven provided my family and I equipment and programs in the space of our own living room. The culture that enliven has created has sparked throughout my whole family. Every morning we would wake up and do the morning classes. Since going back to work we are able to repeat the same workout with the online programs they did that morning. This has helped both our physical and mental health in this rough period of time. We are forever grateful for the commitment and effort enliven has done for us!”

~ Char

"Anyone out there looking for online coaching or when iso is over a gym. Enliven coaching has honestly change my whole perspective on training. Such a good gym and community to be apart of. The training is top of the range. Great variety of training and the trainers are always open for feedback."

~ Jessie