10 Week Program

ROUND 4 2019 - Starts October 12th - CHALLENGE YOUR LIMITS



WEEK 1 - October 12th 6:30am - 9am 
WEEK 5 - November 9th 6:30am - 9am 
WEEK 10 - December 21st 6:30am - 9am 


PROGRAMS WITH A PURPOSE - We raise awareness and monies for various foundations during each program. 

👉🏽 ONLY 30 SPOTS 👈🏽

We believe in turning your lifestyle into a healthier one, the results come from looking after your body!

This is the main reason we DONT call our program ‘CHALLENGES’ because they are not something you do for 8 or 12 weeks then go straight back to old habits.

Our PROGRAM is a lifestyle change, things you implement every damn day! It shouldn’t be challenging it should be liberating to know your investing into your self to become a better version of yourself! 

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What's involved

The most educational healthy lifestyle program in Sydney that’s always different every 10wks!!

  • This program is unlike anything we have ever done before. Are you tired of the same old gym routine? Are you ready to take your training mentality to the next level - FOR REAL! Think mental stamina, think adrenaline, think survivor training.. are you ready to be your best?
  • Week 1, Week 5 and Week 10 we will be taking our training into the elements of the world. LAND - WATER - SAND. The motivational tools you will take from this training will be the new platform for all of the sessions you attend in the future. We will take you to places you may never thought possible.
  • We have the most advanced scanning system in Australia. We use Evolt active which is a body scanning machine that measure not just weight but body fat, visceral fat, water, bone mineral content, protein and so much more. This is also conveniently sent straight to your smartphone and tracked easily over time. We scan at the start and end of the program to keep you up to date with your progress. That’s 2x scans to keep you on track and to see how your body changes. These scans will be held on the Friday night before the program start day.
  • Specific goal setting to help you stay accountable to your personal goals fitness, health and mental wellbeing.
  • The most amazing prizes from our sponsors Body science nutrition, LuLu lemon, athletes foot, Naked foods, Thrive, Budgie smugglers, Muscle Republic just to name a few.
How much does it cost?

EVERY single one of our participants have positive results with their health & fitness.

THIS PROGRAM IS VALUED AT OVER $1200 worth of education and training.

To enter this program all you have to do is:

  • Be on a membership at Enliven Coaching gym.
  • Book in for the up coming program in advance Via Mindbody to secure your position.
  • Pay an entry fee into or program on the day of the program.
  • Payments - $150 this includes all seminars, starter packs full of goodies from our sponsors, online support, education, recipes, everything for 10wks and 2x body scans.
  • For an extra $30 you can get a mid way scan scan at week 5.
I'm in!


I would like to thank enliven coaching for being a place where I can always go to that makes me feel happy no matter what else is going on in life! This 10 week program gave me such a sense of purpose and motivated me to achieve my goals giving me such valuable tools along the way! From the speakers to the seminars and the healthy treats, everything that's involved in the program is such amazing content that I will use for the rest of my life! Cannot wait for the next one! Thanks EC 


I joined EC the week before the 10 week program started. I hadn't exercised properly for over 2 years and had got into bad eating habits. I had no idea the positive impact the 10 week program would have on my general outlook to my health and my overall motivation levels. The support that we got regarding nutrition was key, I have learnt to make healthy choices for myself and understand what my body needs. We all share recipes and cooking tips which made it easier and I focused on all the yummy things that I could eat, not what I needed to avoid. The variety of gym classes that EC offer meant that I wanted to come to the gym everyday, sometimes even two or three times! The coaches know everyone by name and create a fun and motivational environment. It's not intimidating, just fun. EC worked for me because it is a community not just a gym. You are surrounded by positive, like minded people, all trying to achieve your goals and better yourselves. I lost 7.7kg in the 10 week challenge and have picked up so many tools to help keep me on track. Thanks Becky and the Enliven team, you rock!!!


Next program starts July 13th 2019 - BUILD STRENGTH

Round 3 - 10 week program focus
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